I started welding when I was about 16 with my father. The next year I enrolled in vocational tech in Springfield, Missouri. I learned the four welding processes at that time, which were gas, arc welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding. They teach you how to glue the metal together, but they really don’t teach you how to fabricate. I spent a lot of years on and off working in other shops, people taking me under their wing to teach me how to fabricate.

I opened my own business in October of 2007. Since that time we have completed thousands of jobs for our clients.¬†Installations are all done with proper materials for the elements. For example, we go above and beyond on our jobs by using stainless steel products as opposed to steel products to fasten equipment and fixtures. People know that whatever is installed, is installed properly and won’t rust away.

Customers come to us when they want beautiful, artistic work or even for simple jobs that they want done correctly in a timely manner. We do things both on site and at our shop located in Nokomis, FL, and service from the Tampa Bay area all the way down to Fort Myers. Any size job, no project too small or too big.

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